What Students Say

What the First Years say:

‘Fun, learned loads, great at lunch’.
‘Teacher lovely’.
‘New friends’.
‘3 amigos, class’.
‘Good basketball’.
‘All my friends are here’.
‘Lots of fun’.
‘Made lots of new friends’.
‘Everyone is so nice and everyone I’ve met changed me some bit’.
‘I’ve learned more’.
‘I learned about woodwork and now it’s my favourite subject’.
‘Made new friends’.
‘The cookies are nice’.
‘Everyone is individual’.

What Transition Year students say:

‘Great opportunities’.
‘Good banter’.
‘A great experience’.
‘Great fun’.
‘Great atmosphere’.
‘Great year for achievement of goals’.
‘Good year to experience new things’.
‘Great for trying new things’.
‘A very good experience throughout the year’.
‘Well worth doing’.




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